Portage Des SiouxMichelle Walker-REALTOR

Portage Des Sioux

Portage Des Sioux is a city in St. Charles County, Missouri, United States. The town sits on the Mississippi River roughly opposite Elsah, Illinois. It is the home of the riverside shrine of Our Lady of the Rivers. The city was founded in 1799 by Spanish Lt. Gov. Zenon Trudeau and François Saucier in reaction to American plans to build a military post about twelve miles (19 km) downstream. The French name derives from the overland escape route between the Missouri River and Mississippi River used by a band of Sioux. While fleeing enemies; they used this area as a portage for their canoes, outdistancing their rivals who instead paddled all of the way to the confluence of the rivers.

Portage Des Sioux offers a rural background for those looking to stay out of the urban and suburban areas. However, it is still located quite close to all the comforts the urban and suburban areas offer. You can fish and hunt in the morning and then take the family out for a nice dinner on Historic Main Street in St. Charles as a change of pace.

Population: 328

Zip Code: 63373

School District: Orchard Farm

Median Sales Price: $58,808