Dardenne PrairieMichelle Walker-REALTOR

The namesake of the Dardenne family, early settlers in the Mississippi Valley. Prior to settlement, the area was a prairie, and today has relatively few trees compared to the surrounding lower-lying areas. The town was incorporated in 1983, and was certified as a fourth-class city in 2001. Melissa Witte was its first citizen born there.

Dardenne Prairie is a growing area with many new homes being built in recent years. It has also had increased business development, and community events. Dardenne Prairie voted in 2001 to become a fourth class city. This has just motivated the community to increase its draw to their community. It is filled with small businesses, parks, and a wide variety of events throughout the year!

Dardenne Prairie is a beautiful area. Residents feel safe and at home in this area. It has become home to many people in recent years so check it out and see if it fits you!!!

Population: 12,017 (2012)

Zip Codes: 63366

School Districts: Ft. Zumwalt and Immaculate Conception

Median Sales Price: $277,936